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For a special celebration or to liven up any ol' day, swiss pastries cakes put a smile on any occasion. We have many traditional cakes, from Blackforest to St. Honore with 100% natural whipping cream. The mousse cakes are delectable in all their glorious variations with chocolate, liqueurs and fruits. Talking about fruit, the flans are fresh and light, a perfect finish to any meal. We also bake many specialty cakes, check out our weddings and special events section to let us suit your indulgence. And please note that all of our products are hydroginated trans-fat free, so they are good for your body as well as your soul.


 Is one flavour not enough for you and your guests?.. Well if not then come in and pick up a selection of our fine individual pastries. Individual pastries are also a good solution to a bad day...

...they have also been known to make a good day even better.


 We use only the finest quality flours, grains and seeds in our breads. We bake according to tradition and time, so each loaf rises with a thick, chewy crust and a moist interior. Our breads make a great addition to any meal, large or small. Visit our bakery today and try a loaf. You'll see, smell and taste the difference.


Looking for a bite-sized treat? Our cookies will fit the bill. These little delicacies come in all shapes and flavours, sometimes dipped in chocolate, possibly filled with a sweet jam or topped with sprinkles, every single one is a bite of happiness. Check out our seasonal cookies when the holiday's are approaching. Valentine's hearts always seem to do the trick and our Christmas baskets of cookies will please the entire family. I like the happy face cookies. They have a name that doesn't lie.


Wedding & Special Events

Getting married or trying to get someone married? You've come to the right place. What type of cake can a wedding cake be? The answer: any kind of cake you want. Popular cakes include: pound cake, carrot cake, sponge cake, sacher, cheese cake, whipping cream cakes such as strawberry whip, and mousse cakes. Our beautiful custom wedding cakes can be made to fit a meagre budget or for those so inclined, can dazzle in all their glorious excess.



Swiss Pastries has all the holidays covered! Be it Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's we always have a great selection of in-house and specially imported treats.

 Kids Cakes

Do you have a special young man or young lady who is the apple of your eye? Would you like to give him or her something exceptional for their upcomming birthday celebration? Swiss Pastries takes custom cakes to a whole new level. Each of these premium cakes will incorporate your little one's favourite things be it be it Barbi, Sponge Bob or whatever their little heart desires.
Coming soon, we have plans to add kids cakes to our regular line of cakes. Stay tuned!

Prepared Foods


Delectable deli sandwiches are available at all of our locations but if you desire something really special com check out our new location in Westboro.

There, you will find different and creative sandwiches, gourmet soups and many traditional meals such as lasagna and sheppard's pie. All meals are ready to eat in house or to take home for a heart-warming dinner.

These items have been such hot sellers we are now bringing them to all of our locations and we have immediate plans to do a full fledged prepared foods section in all of our stores.

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